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  1. Help - I’ve never ordered a sign before, and don’t know where to start!

    • Many of our clients have never ordered a sign, and we have lots of experience helping people identify and order the type of sign that best suits their needs. A good starting place is to spend some time browsing our portfolio, to see if you can identify a particular style of sign that is similar to what you would like. You’ll also need to have an approximate idea of what size you would like the sign to be; for example, would you like it to be 5’ wide? Finally, it’s important to think about the budget for your sign, so that we can design a solution that meets your financial guidelines. Once you have this information, you can call or email us, and one of our sales consultants will work with you to create the perfect sign.

  2. How can I get a quote?

    • Easy! You can fill in our online quote request, and then one of our sales consultants will contact you within 24 hours. If you would prefer to speak with someone immediately, you can also call us toll-free at 877-264-4111, and we’ll work with you to prepare your estimate.

  3. Can you match the Pantone colors in our logo?

    • No problem – we can match most Pantone colors or standard paint manufacturers’ colors. There is a $70 fee per color to be matched.

  4. What signage materials are available?

    • We work with a broad range of materials, including wood, aluminum, acrylic, bronze, stainless steel and many others. If you have a particular material in mind and don’t see it on our website, please let us know.

  5. What type of file do you need to create my sign?

    • We work with a wide array of artwork formats, including everything from hand-drawn sketches to vectorized Illustrator files. The most efficient (and therefore most cost-effective) format is vectorized artwork in an .eps or .ai format, with text converted to outlines. If vector artwork is not available, we can nearly always scan and digitize your logo for a reasonable fee. The easiest way to get your artwork to us is to email it, or if the file is very large you can also send us a DVD or CD. If the file is too large to fit on a DVD, you can also upload it to our FTP site – contact our sales department for more information.

  6. I have your quote and am ready to order the sign – what should I do?

    • To proceed with an order, simply sign and fax the estimate back to us. We’ll need a check or credit card for the 50% deposit, with the balance of the order due at the time we ship your sign. Once we have that, we’ll generally email you a proof in 3-5 days so that you can review and approve the final layout of your sign. Completion times vary depending on the type of sign being ordered, but most of our signs ship in 2-4 weeks after you’ve approved our artwork.

  7. Will I see a proof of my sign before you make it?

    • Yes! Once you have placed an order, paid the deposit and sent us your artwork, we’ll create a proof of your sign, and will email that to you. We never begin work on your sign until you’re completely happy with the layout.

  8. Our business is in a different state – do you ship signs?

    • We ship signs all across the U.S. every day. There are certain limitations: if a sign is too large then the cost of shipping the sign may be cost prohibitive, but most logo signs and directories can easily be shipped. We also handle international shipments.

  9. Do you have a catalogue?

    • For the past few years we’ve used this website exclusively as our catalogue. There are a number of advantages: we can show many more types of signs in this website than in a traditional catalogue, it can be updated constantly, anyone anywhere can view it instantly and it doesn’t waste paper!

  10. How do I install my sign?

    • Most of our signs are relatively easy to install, and we ship detailed installation instructions and a mounting pattern with all signs. If you’re uneasy about installing your sign, most handymen can easily do this type of work, or you could also have a local signage installer do it for you.

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